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What is an Essential Oil?

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Why should you want to use dōTERRA!

"Essential Oils 101" by Justin Harrison - An Introduction 

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What about QUALITY?

Depend on getting the highest quality, effectiveness and safety by choosing  pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oils in products you use year round. They're guaranteed.

When we get first interested in essential oils, all we want to do is smell them! And we should, because pure essential oils smell clean and fresh, and can give us wonderful sensations. But as we move on and start using these wonderful oils we need to be aware of and concerned about QUALITY. That's why we need to learn about essential oil GRADES before we start using them.

Essential oils are affected by many factors. Think about external factors that affect a plants' growth and make-up: climate, altitude, time of year, air quality, soil composition, water quantity and quality, temperature variances etc. Now it shouldn't surprise you that certain oils coming from different areas of the world vary greatly in their natural chemical composition and potency. For example, in the United States, if we want the very best sweet and juicy oranges, we think of areas that offer constant seasonal heat and humidity - like Florida and California, not Maine or Michigan!

Further, how the plants are harvested and processed also affects the final product. It may be necessary to carefully hand pick many of the plants, at precisely the right time. Are they stored, or do they need to be processed right away? Think about vegetable produce, the best quality are those used or processed immediately. Then there's the processing itself. Some oils need to have had different temperatures and pressure in the distillation process, or, need to have been cold pressed.

The highest essential oil grade gives us the highest QUALITY-that's what we want-and it offers us the purest, most effective and safest essential oils. These are the pure therapeutic-grade essential oils that we can trust for ourselves and our loved ones. 

Always look for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils - CPTG® - this is the highest essential oil grade.

Essential oils and products with CPTG® on their label are certified by being continually tested for how pure and how potent they are. And being that more time and effort is involved to produce these, they will no doubt be more costly to our wallets. But more important, these are the most effective and safest for our bodies!

Here's an excellent video review of What CPTG® Means and Why You Want This::
What Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Means

Yep, we're in that "Cold and Flu" Season! But we can be ON-GUARD!

We need STRONG arsenal to help ourselves and those we love in the constant battle against coughs, sniffles, achy and rough throats. But we want and need safe, pure and effective products. That's why we use dōTERRA On Guard® Protective Essential Oil Blend Products!

On Guard™ is "THE" blend for strengthening immune support against germs and viruses!   On Guard® is a powerful, proprietary essential oil blend that includes Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. Pure CPTG dōTERRA Essential Oils are proven to kill many germs that cause seasonal maladies.

Help without toxins/dangerous chemicals:
  1. Diffuse On Guard® Protective Blend
  2. Use On Guard® Protective Blend topically and internally 
  3. And don’t forget to clean surfaces with Guard® Protective Blend Products!
Other ways to help in boosting immunity and helping reduce symptoms brought on by seasonal germs:
  • Apply On Guard® Protective Blend on the bottom of the feet every day - AM & PM
  • Wash, wash, wash your hands often throughout the day. You can use convenient and germ fighting dōTERRA On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash all day long. 
  • Use On Guard® when inconvenient to wash hands. Make ahead and stash some DIY cloths/tissues/wipes in your jacket, purse, the kid's lunchbox, desk drawer, on the bathroom counter,car....
  • Diffuse dōTERRA essential oils in your home to kill pathogens and also to aid symptoms affecting airways.
  • Drink lots of water to flush out impurities. Add a couple drops of essential oil, especially dōTERRA On Guard® Protective Blend, to your drinking water to boost immunity.
  • dōTERRA’s On Guard® Protecting Throat Drops are the easy and great tasting way to ease throat symptoms and boost immunity.
  • Use On Guard® Cleaner Concentrate and essential oils (especially On Guard® Protective Blend) when cleaning surfaces in the home - counter tops, floors, sinks, toilets - and don't forget the toys.
  • Wipe surfaces with On Guard® Protective Blend - in your car (especially anywhere our "kid" germ carriers are), and, when in public areas (gas-nozzle handles, shopping cart handles, restaurant seats and table edges, bathroom door handles, toilet seats, etc.)

Stock-up your arsenal now!  Fight sniffles, sore throat, congestion, nagging coughs, and all ‘flu’ bugs with On Guard® Protective Blend, On Guard™ Foaming Hand Wash (and Foaming Dispensers), On Guard™ Protecting Throat Drops and On Guard™ Cleaner Concentrate! Details in the 2014 dōTERRA Product Guide, pages 32-34. Purchase the safest and most effective CPTG® Essential Oils everyday and learn more about dōTERRA On Guard® Products at: http://www.mydoterra.com/gps/

All suggestions are offered specifically with the use of dōTERRA CPTG® Essential Oils that offer guaranteed purity, potency, and safety. Why should your essential oils be “CPTG® “? Because you definitely want the purest and safest essential oils that have no added chemicals and offer the greatest potency. That's what you are guaranteed with dōTERRA CPTG® essential oils!

For further information and some reasons why we choose dōTERRA On Guard Protective Blend and the On Guard products, check out the following links: 
Disclaimer We are not doctors, nor do we take the place of your doctor. If you have an emergency please seek out professional medical attention. Any serious medical condition should be followed by a health care professional. We are dōTERRA Wellness Advocates and users of dōTERRA essential oils who want to provide a place for all essential oil users to share experiences and testimonies while assisting one anther in relation to essential oils. We do not claim to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. None of our statements have been evaluated or approved by the FDA or other governmental regulatory agencies.

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